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Overeaters Anonymous

“Thank you Dave Sevieri for the wonderful service and expertise you offered us. He attentively listened to our requests, made some suggestions and produced two quotes based on different products. He was thorough, accommodating and offered suggestions. The process was smooth and there was little to fix the day the office began to use the system. Our receptionist had a good experience with Dave and mentioned she felt respected and understood and his friendly manner helped her to feel confident in working with the system. All in all we are happy with the product and very happy with Dave’s outstanding service.”

-Overeaters Anonymous

Las Cumbres Community Services

“I strongly recommend Allied Communications as a telecommunication company. Dave Sevieri and Allied Communications were referred to us to install and maintain our phone system. Dave answered our questions in a timely manner and showed that he had the knowledge and skill to perform the services we needed. Additionally, his professional ethics are superb. We are confident he would never misrepresent a problem or overcharge us in any way. We recommend him to anyone seeking a competent, trustworthy telecommunications company.”

-Las Cumbres Community Services

Gonstead Family Chiropractic

“We are pleased with the services you rendered to our office with our communication system. We are sincerely grateful for your kind attention. We will be certain to keep you in the forefront of our mid when ours or anyone’s communication needs arise.”

-Gonstead Family Chiropractic

Federal Public Defender Offices, District of New Mexico

“I have relied on Allied for all of our telecommunications needs for the past twenty-four years and I have never experienced any problems with the products that they offer and support or with their service. Dave and his staff at Allied have always responded promptly and professionally to any our service, support, or training requests. In addition to providing the initial installation and training on all of our systems, they are always available to answer questions or resolve any problems that might arise. Any significant problems that may have resulted in disruption to our telephone operations, have always been handled immediately and efficiently.”

-Federal Public Defender Offices, District of New Mexico

Universal Water Systems

“Thank you for the job that you have done with our Telecommunications System. Your fast courteous and professional service has really made our transition period go smoothly. You are truly an asset to your company. We also appreciate the patience you extended to our employees while learning this new phone system. Your training was excellent. We recommend you to clients and vendors who are in need of your services.”

-Universal Water Systems

Hope Christian Schools, Inc.

“We are thankful for our longstanding business relationships of 24 years and the recent transition we made in phone service which you handled for us in a concise and professional way. Thank you for working through all the ins and outs of this transition with us and being our liaison informing us every step of the way so that we were aware of any and all changes and when those changes were to be made. Your expertise, knowledge, accessibility and congeniality made this a smooth transition and a pleasurable experience.”

-Hope Christian Schools, Inc.

New Mexico Gynecology Consultants

“Allied Communications have been providing our medical office telecommunication systems and support for 25 years. Mr. Sevieri is professional, dependable, and meticulous in his work. As a former communications engineer for terrestrial and satellite communications systems, I appreciate excellent work, service and highly recommend Mr. Sevieri without hesitation. His contribution to keeping our telecommunications systems operational has been exceptional.”

-New Mexico Gynecology Consultants

Fidelity National Title of New Mexico

“We have used the services of David Sevieri of Allied Communications, LLC. For twenty five years. He has provided network and communications wiring to our company in numerous locations. Most recently Dave was hired to help design, implement and install a completely new wiring configuration during a major office remodel. Dave is always courteous and motivated individual in the work that he performs. He capably manages his time, budget and deadlines. He works well with other vendors and contractors when on the job. Follow up after a job is done is always a must.”

-Fidelity National Title of New Mexico

Dion’s Pizza

“I would like to recommend David Sivieri and the services of his company, Allied Communications for any and all needs pertaining to voice and data infrastructure installation, phone systems and support. Allied Communications has maintained a more than 20 year relationship with Dion’s and we continue to rely on his expertise.”

-Dion’s Pizza

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What We Do

Albuquerque NM’s premier business phone system, computer network, and low voltage wiring experts! With over 25 years of experience, Allied is ready to deliver the prompt and professional service you need to get the job done right!

Allied Communications Voicemail, Paging Systems, and Other Peripheral Equipment

Every installation of voicemail systems or paging systems, and really all business telephone equipment, is a little different for each company, because every company has different communications needs.

Allied Communications Commercial Business Telephones

Along with virtually everything else in the business world, commercial telephones systems have evolved to accommodate changing business needs, and Allied Communications has stayed abreast of all those changes, in order to provide the most modern business telephones and service to our clients.

Allied Communications Computer Network Cabling

All computer networks rely on expert business computer network cabling, and even though you don’t often think about those cables which connect hardware devices, they’re just as important as the devices themselves, because they supply all the connections between devices.

About Us

In late 1988 while serving in the Air National Guard, I was hired by The Telephone Man Inc. I was hired at first for my installation knowledge. However, it was soon apparent that I had a great talent in training and selling commercial telephone equipment. Within 90 days I worked on straight commission and have not received a normal paycheck since.

Throughout the many changes over the years, one thing has remained the same, ME. I have continued to operate Allied Communications LLC in the same manner as I did when I started twenty-five years ago. The same attitude towards customer service, the same assurances from me to sell and install only quality telecommunications wiring and equipment, and most of all my commitment to you. When you need me, I will be there.

What We Do

Owner David Sevieri, at Allied Communications, sells and installs state of the art telecommunications solutions thought the state of New Mexico and has done so for over twenty-five years. Over the years, we have installed hundreds of custom installations both large and small because every installation has different communications needs.

Today we have large and well-known clients that rely on our expertise; not only with their telephones, but their network needs as well. We have also installed and maintained hundreds of computer networks, as well as all kinds of Peripherals such as Messaging on Hold, powerful Valcom PA systems, and overhead background music systems.

We can help with many types of special needs communications such as providing planning and assisting with all of the many different providers, as well as the recent completive access providers. We can help you to choose the correct services for your needs.

Allied Communications Services the State of New Mexico

David D Sevieri
Electrical Engineering
License #51278

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