Founder David Sevieri has been working and thinking about phones and wiring since 1984. He started his career in the United States Air Force.

“I started with the strong military bearing I gained in basic training at Lackland AFB, TX. After that, my tech school was continued at Sheppard AFB, TX. I spent the first six weeks in tech school studying electronic theory, a prerequisite for my next set of studies 880 hours. That’s right, just over six months of Telecommunications training. My vast experience goes all the way back to step by step electro-mechanical Stroger Carlson Cast Iron 40 Pound switches. I studied and worked on ‘Mable’s’ Switchboard.”

In 1989 he was hired by The Telephone Man Inc. on Menaul. At first, he was hired to install commercial telephone equipment. It was quickly apparent that David had a talent for neat installations, perfect programming; and the incredible ability to train the users and provide excellent customer service. For a short time, he also worked for Tri-Tel Communications. I sold and understood long distance and how to install and program Auxiliary Dialing Equipment.

Understanding long distance gave him an even bigger ability to understand the big picture, as well as how service was provided to the end user by the local bell company “Telco Central Office,“ “C-LECS” Telephone Poles, Demarcations, circuit surge protectors, etc.

“I knew I could do things better,”says David, and he founded Allied Communications in June of 1993.

Owner David Sevieri, at Allied Communications, sells and installs state of the art telecommunications solutions thought the state of New Mexico and has done so for over twenty-five years. Over the years, we have installed hundreds of custom installations both large and small because every installation has different communications needs.

Today we have large and well-known clients that rely on our expertise not only with their telephones, but their network needs as well. We have also installed and maintained hundreds of computer networks, as well as all kinds of Peripherals such as Messaging on Hold, powerful Valcom PA systems, and overhead background music systems.

We can help with all kinds of special needs communications such as providing planning and assisting with all the different providers as well as the recent completed access providers. We can help you to choose the correct services for your needs.

Systems today have merged with computer integration and shared networking. In some situations, a company may need voice over internet protocol “VoIP” applications and or networked sites because more and more of our clients are working from home.

And we also sell, service, and maintain very powerful voice processing systems. These
days a system without caller ID and Voicemail / Auto attendant is just not complete.

We also use services from Dial-tone Providers such as T-1, DID and T-3’s and even Fiber Optic applications directly to the Network servers.

In conclusion, if your business has Telecommunications or computer network needs
Allied Communications is the only call you have to make.

– Owner David Sevieri

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